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View and Find


View & Find is a fast, flexible and versatile program to interact with, decode, extract, search and automatically index the beta code files on the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae E and Packard Humanities Institute #5.3 and #7 CD ROMs. In addition, the program works with other material converted into beta code as well [Oxford text archive OTA files, Prof. Dr. J.Malitz' CONCEyst/IGEyst files (MC tools to convert these files can be downloaded here: MC), Frankfurter Epigraphische Datenbank files].


V&FRUN [ /S ]




Because of its high speed and flexibility, View and Find used to be expensive. However, it is now in the PUBLIC DOMAIN and can be downloaded here. The program runs under DOS emulation under several operating systems and has been used successfully together with DOSBox under Windows XP, Windows Vista, ReactOS, OpenSolaris, Linux (SuSE 7.0 to 11.2) DOS emulators (DOSEmu (very fast searching), DOSBox, FreeDOS under VirtualBox / Bochs / QEmu, with DOSBox under FreeBSD, and under OS X with DOSBox and Q (special development stemming from QEmu). FreeDOS under Microsoft VirtualPC© and WindowsVista© is very slow. It also works under native DOS, of course, provided a 32-bit processor is present in the system. For Linux systems, we recommend DOSEmu for its high searching (disk I/O) speed, flexibility and ease of use and DOSBox for its stability and high terminal I/O speed.


DOSBox and V&F for Win-32 as a .zip archive (corrected batch files)

DOSBox and V&F for LINUX as a bzip2-compressed tar-archive (64 and 32 bit)

DOSEmu V&F for LINUX configuration (requires DOSEmu installed) as a zipped archive - get DOSEmu or .rpm package to run. Easy installation; runs from floppy disk image with its own configuration file.

DOSEmu V&F for LINUX example configuration to show the principles (requires DOSEmu installed) as a gzip-compressed tar-archive - get DOSEmu or .rpm package to run

Qemu and V&F for LINUX example installation as a bzip2-compressed tar-archive (64 bit - download Qemu source or binaries if you are running another system)

Bochs and V&F for LINUX example installation as a bzip2-compressed tar-archive (64 bit - download Bochs source or binaries if you are running another system)

DOSBox and V&F for OpenSolaris (Intel x86) as a .tar.gz archive

DOSBox and V&F for OS X example installation as a bzip2-compressed tar-archive (install a version from the DOSBox page for serious work)

DOSBox and V&F for FreeBSD example installation as a gzip-compressed tar-archive

Microsoft VirtualPC© virtual FreeDOS hardd disk with View & Find (zipped files)

Programs to convert V&F output to unicode (UTF-8)


Further hints for setting up DOSEmu (zipped file)

Short documentation how to use V&F under Windows

Short documentation how to set-up and use V&F under Linux and DOS emulation

Comprehensive usage manual in .pdf format

Description of V&F and its usage in text statistics


Assembly language utilities for DOS written by B.Meißner

Unix programs improved and ported to DOS and other operating systems: time execution timing utility and lsh small shell

GNU UNITS v. 2.14 (units conversion program), RECODE v. 3.7-beta2 and BSD WHEREIS, ported to DOS by B.Meißner

All of the above in one zip archive


V&F is distributed under the GNU General Public License without any warranty and without the source code. To contact the author, either use his e-mail address:

or his university post box:

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Meissner
Professur für Alte Geschichte
University of the Federal Armed Forces

Holstenhofweg 85
D-22043 Hamburg (Germany)


V&F has been written by Burkhard Meissner, University of the Federal Armed Forces, Hamburg, Germany.

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