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Utility to replace tabs (ASCII 9) by spaces (ASCII 32) in input files.

This utility helps with the translation of View & Find output files: With inscriptions and papyri, quite some spaces are present in the reference sections. To distinguish between „regular“ spaces and spaces in reference sections, V&F replaces these spaces by tabs. For the conversion to unicode, this is useless. To avoid these tabs, use TABTOSP to replace tabs by spaces.

(c) Burkhard Meißner, 2005


tabtosp <input_file >output_file

It is just a filter which should be used prior to using betautf8.


Linux/DOS djgpp:

gcc -o tabtosp -O6 -finline-functions -fstrength-reduce -fomit-frame-pointer -fexpensive-optimizations tabtosp.c

DOS bcc:

bcc -G -O tabtosp.c


Source Code tabtosp.c

DOS executable tabtosp.exe

Linux static executable tabtosp

All the above as a .zip archive

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